Sell My Phone On USell

USell website is a place where you can sell off your old mobile phones and earn some extra cash. It is one of the best online arenas to sell your electronic devices which offer the highest cash in exchange of your old devices. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company is a subsidiary of Upstream Worldwide, Inc. and was founded back in year 2010.

Not just your old mobile phones, but this website helps you selling your old gaming consoles, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and e-readers also. Within just a few simple steps you can put your old device on sale without any hassles. Just keep your saleable device ready for shipping and follow the instructions sent by uSell team in your email. The website is linked up with various electronic companies which offer the competitive prices for customers’ devices.

How To Sell A Mobile Phone On uSell?

If you want to sell a cell phone, select that particular brand on uSell and find the offers from various companies. Customers can check all the available offers and select the best suitable one. uSell will then redirect the customer to the company website for the final transaction. The buyers here are companies and not individuals.  Most popular retailers that sell electronic devices are linked up with uSell as buyers.

uSell helps people converting their old mobile phones and other used electronic devices into cash. The team purchases the used items from customers and pays them cash in return. uSell then recycles the mobile phone and erase all the personal data stored in it. Customers can easily sell their device without any hassle in a completely safe and secure environment.

Once the linked up company purchases your device, uSell finalizes the payment in next two weeks through Paypal or Check. They have Max Cash Guarantee which assures the customers of getting the maximum cash for their electronic devices. The guarantee further promises to pay the difference if customers find a better price for their item within 24 hrs of selling it to a uSell company.

uSell keeps you posted about the status of your device and if no company buys your device, the website helps the user recycling the device safely.  The website sends the non-saleable products to the popular recycling retailers like Samsung and Best Buy. When you select a recycler uSell redirects you to the other company’s website providing the drop off information such as location and time.

uSell is extremely user friendly and easily navigable even for a layman. Although it is similar to the other such companies and websites on the web but unlike all, uSell uses only popular electronic stores for the devices put on sale. Other feature making uSell a distinctive website for gadgets sale is the pricing guarantee of Max Cash Guarantee. Unlike other websites, uSell also provide boxes to customers for shipping their electronic devices.

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